Our mission at Norm Hann Expeditions is to connect your goals for adventure and your passion for wild places to incredible natural environments and pristine marine ecosystems. Norm Hann has been guiding guests from around the world for the last 17 years and he specializes in paddleboard trips and adventures to the Great Bear Rainforest on the north coast of British Columbia. These trips are powerful, unique experiences with deep connection to the place and people. Join us!



"From intimate experiences with feeding Humpback whales from our expedition boat to quiet moments on our paddle boards visiting with the residents of the inner tidal zone - the eagles, ravens, wolves and salmon. It was like having first class tickets and front row seats to a show you'd only ever heard about, Norm shares his love for this coastal area with passion and knowledge that made for unforgettable moments we will cherish and share for a lifetime."
Kristy Wright Schell, Vancouver, B.C.
“Norm Hann Expeditions week-long paddleboard tours offer a truly fresh perspective as adventures sup through whale, bear and wolf habitat.”
Anita Wills. “26 Fresh Ideas” British Columbia Magazine
“As we headed south the next morning and into a new reach of the Great Bear, we were unaware that a humpback pod was approaching, invisible behind the curtain of the sea. Then their spouts and glistening grey backs erupted a mere 20 feet to our side. Startled paddlers dropped to their knees as salt spray misted our skin.”
Aaron Teasdale. Standup Paddle Magazine
“Can’t thank you enough for the great experience I had all around. Absolute pleasure to learn some paddling and teaching from you but as I’ve had time to reflect, definitely took a lot from that weekend that I can and have been using in my everyday life.”
Ivan Gloedel. Old Town Paddle Co, Yellowknife, NWT
“Words can not describe the feelings I have from this past weekend. The thrill, the challenge, the people, the scenery, the conditions, the quiet time to reflect by the ocean just listening to the waves. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough to say to our instructors for the weekend.”
Leanne Stanley. Kelowna, B.C.
"Another arrow in the quiver of Norm’s excellent adventure destinations. This was my third trip with Norm, a testament to his competence, good nature and passion for unique and memorable seascapes."
Jamie McVicar. Canmore, Alberta
“Very highly recommend this trip or any trip or course that Norm leads for the opportunity to learn from a skilled, talented teacher of his caliber who makes it look easy! Looking forward to another paddle adventure with Norm Hann Expeditions!”
Cheryl Johnson, Clatsop Paddle Company, Astoria, OR